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Forum and Website update 1/23/2020

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Since the release of the website & forum, I've been busy. 


  • Installed Discord Integration, with this integration you can register and log in with your discord account. Post topics in Discord from Announcements and Updates. 
  • Created a forum memberlist which can be found here
  • For the Forum admin+ I have installed group changing in ModCP so they don't need to go to the AdminCP. 
  • Added a Preview button to preview your post.
  • If it's your birthday, you will see a birthday cake on all your posts. 
  • Created Group Icons for every group.
  • Added php script to show the Players online on the forum and homepage.
  • Upgraded the forum to, read the spoiler for the changes.

    Key Changes

    This is a maintenance release to fix bug reports since

  • For security reasons I have enabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA), it isn't required. If you want to enable 2FA you need to go to your Account Settings, Account Security, enter your password, enable Google Authenticator and/or Security Questions. 
    For every group who has access to the AdminCP, they must have enabled 2FA. The reason behind the extra security is in the AdminCP are details to personal information, which we will try to protect it with 2FA.

What you can expect in a few weeks on the website:

  • The Vote page.
  • The Donator store.
  • The Hiscores.
  • Member rank icons based on post count.


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