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*Official Server Support Application Form*

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Before you apply for the role of Server Support, please ensure you meet the below criteria:


1. Total playtime ingame of at least 1 day

2. Have voted at least once

3. Not been badly punished (i.e, perm mute or any form of ban) within the last 60 days.


Your application must contain the following in the subject - "<username>'s <rank> Application". For example "Scar's Youtuber Application"

Please ensure you also follow the below formatting to even be considered.


1. Have you read and understood the criteria required for this rank?: 


2. Please state your username: 


3. Please state your total ingame playtime and provide clear proof of this below:


4.  Tell us a little about yourself:


5. Why do you feel you deserve the chance to be on the staff team?:


------Test Questions------


6. If you saw 2 people arguing in the clan chat and causing disruption, what 3 steps would you take to difuse the situation?:


7. If someone came to you and said they had found an exploit which lets people knowingly abuse the game for financial gain,what 3 steps would you take?


8. If you saw someone being offensive ingame (extreme racism, sexism, homophobia), what 3 steps would you take?:


9. If a member of another server offered you perks on their server in exchange for defamation against Dominus, what would you do?


10. If people tried advertising on our server, what 3 steps would you take to difuse the situation?:


---------Final Question----------


11. Do you have any additional comments to aid your application?


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