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*Official Youtuber Rank Application Form*

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Before applying, please make sure you agree and meet the criteria found here


Your application must contain the following in the subject - "<username>'s <rank> Application"

For example "Scar's Youtuber Application"


Please ensure you also follow the below formatting to even be considered.


1. Have you read and understood the criteria required for this rank?: 


2. Please state your username: 


3. Please state your Youtube Channel's name:


4. Please provide a picture showing us your "My Videos" section logged in as your account on Youtube to prove you're the owner. It'll often be in the top right, then go to Creator's Studio to see your "My Videos" section.:


5. Please provide a link to one of your most popular videos:


6. Do you have a mic?:


7. How many subscribers do you currently have?:


8. Please provide stats showing your average viewcount and sub count:


9. Will you upload videos when asked to by an admin?:


10. Why do you think you deserve to be a youtuber here?:


11. If successful and meeting the criteria, would you prefer free mystery boxes or cash?:


12. Do you agree to never slander Dominus in your videos and speak to either myself or another owner if you have any problems?:


13. Do you agree to upload actively for us?:


14. Do you understand that you will not recieve incentives until you have proven to us you're worth the investment?


15. Any additional comments we should be aware of?


Please make sure you follow this format. Any applications not following this format will be automatically declined.


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