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Requirements for Official Youtuber Rank

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In order to be elligible for the official Youtuber rank ingame, on the forums and on Discord, you must meet the following criteria:


1. At least 100 active subscribers minimum. We'll know if you botted your subs.


2. Proof of good quality content, showing clear video, clear demonstrations and clear voice audio is preferred. Music is allowed, but discuss with either myself @Sam or @Ghost first.


3. Proof of not deleting videos once uploaded for free rewards.


4.  Be able to upload for our server either by your own initiative often or when requested by an Admin +


5. If you're doing a box opening video, prove to owners that you have indeed emptied your inventory once you've finished.


6. You will not slander the Dominus name in your videos. Doing this will surrender any rights to this rank and risks a ban. If you have a problem, discuss with an owner.


7. You can keep 100% of the ad revenue claimed from the videos. You will never be asked to give up ad revenue from your channel to any staff members. It's your channel and you deserve every penny. If you are asked for ad revenue by any staff member, please notify an Owner immediatley.

8. People who have over 500 subscribers will also be elligible for cash payment per video basis. HOWEVER. You will either recieve a generous cash payment depending on subscribers and average view count or the boxes below. You will not recieve both.



As a reward for your content, you'll be rewarded with the following depending on your sub count:


100 - 500 subcribers = 1 regular mystery box per week +  1 bonus per video

501 - 1000 subscribers - 3 regular mystery boxes per week +  2 bonus per video

1001 - 2500 subscribers = 3 super mystery boxes per week + 1 bonus per video

2501 - 5000 subscribers = 1 legendary mystery box per week + 2 bonus per video

5001 - 9999 subscribers = 3 legendary mystery boxes per week + 1 bonus per video

10,000 + subscribers - 3 of each mystery box per week +  1 bonus per video


As well as the amazing perks above, the Youtuber rank also includes *FREE* Uber Donator rights, including lower GWD killcount requirements, exclusive training zones, access to ::bank and much more!

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