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  1. Never too sure what to say in these, hense why I leave my tinder bio blank... ;) but here it goes lol Name: Jordan Age: 24 Location: Ontario, Canada About myself: Currently an armed guard, have a huge passion in fitness/health, don't really care much for games/computers, but enjoy the community they have lol. I've been playing Runescape/rsps for the past like 14 years, have been with Revivalscape since its very early days, and have enjoyed it ever since. Huge fan of this source, and the staff that this server has. I play D1 mens rep soccer in the season, and sit on my ass (apart from the gym where I don't do cardio at), in the off season (': If I haven't met you yet, I can be a sarcastic ass sometimes, but quite literally never mean much personally lol. Feel free to hit me up on discord, or in game, always down for a good talk :)
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