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    In-Game Rules

    In-Game Rules Flaming Flaming a member of Dominus is strictly against the rules. Attacking a player and insulting them with the intent of causing harm is a mutable offence and is not taken lightly. Spamming Spamming is the act of consistently typing in order to be a nuisance, whether it be spamming @@@@@, spamming your bank sale or spamming another server, it is also a mutable offence. You will be warned, and then punished should you continue. Multilogging You are allowed to log on to 3 accounts at one time. Using these accounts together to break rules, abuse a safe-spot on bosses or in any other way use these accounts to manipulate mechanics is not acceptable and will result in a Jail and potential Ban. Macroing/Botting The use of any 3rd party program is strictly disallowed. Ensure you are always at your computer and attentive to your Client. Staff members will test if you are there, be sure you are or risk having your items removed and/or stats reset. Scamming Scamming is a bannable offence, tricking someone or intentionally trying to benefit out of their mistake and/or your abuse will result in a Ban. This can range from selling them the wrong item promising it is better than it is, to switching up rules at Duel Arena/ At Gambling to get the one up on them. It is not allowed and treated extremely seriously. Bug Abusing Abusing a bug in which you have discovered or been told of is bannable. Should you discover a bug, report it instantly on the Forums or to a Staff Member, and from then on do not use the bug for your advantage. Should be you be found abusing a bug after reporting it or abusing a bug without reporting it, you will be punished accordingly. Harassment Intentionally harassing players of Dominus will result in a Jail. Trying to ruin someone else's experience on the game in order to get a laugh or a rise is not acceptable. This can range from crashing someone at a boss over and over, to following people and annoying them. This also includes flame baiting to get a rise out of someone. Do not do this, people just want to have fun, don't be the reason they don't. Staff Harassment Staff decisions are final do not argue with a staff's decision. Any decision they make is easily traceable and will be looked at should someone come to an Admin/report the staff member. Do not bring it up in Friends chat, their PM or Public chat. It is not worth the stress, it can be solved by talking to an Admin. Cursing There's nothing wrong with the odd Shit, Fuck, Cunt. But don't overdo it, these words shouldn't be so common in your vocabulary that you are using them every sentence. It is acceptable in frustration or general discussion. However, don't use these words in a derogative manner or too often or you will be muted. This also includes any potentially offensive display names. Friends chat The Friends chat is intended as a Help channel for new players, hence new players instantly joining this chat. Do not make it anything other than that. If you want to talk openly with your friends create a Clan Chat and do so there. Nothing's wrong with a bit of General talk but if it gets in the way of people receiving help please stop. All rules should be followed in the Friends chat. Do not promote discussions about Politics, Hard Drugs, Debatable Topics, Racism and Other RSPS'. Any other language than English within the Friends chat is unacceptable as our preferred speaking language is English, Repeated offences of not speaking the preferred language within the Friends Chat may result in a kick.
  3. Never too sure what to say in these, hense why I leave my tinder bio blank... ;) but here it goes lol Name: Jordan Age: 24 Location: Ontario, Canada About myself: Currently an armed guard, have a huge passion in fitness/health, don't really care much for games/computers, but enjoy the community they have lol. I've been playing Runescape/rsps for the past like 14 years, have been with Revivalscape since its very early days, and have enjoyed it ever since. Huge fan of this source, and the staff that this server has. I play D1 mens rep soccer in the season, and sit on my ass (apart from the gym where I don't do cardio at), in the off season (': If I haven't met you yet, I can be a sarcastic ass sometimes, but quite literally never mean much personally lol. Feel free to hit me up on discord, or in game, always down for a good talk :)
  4. Since the release of the website & forum, I've been busy. Installed Discord Integration, with this integration you can register and log in with your discord account. Post topics in Discord from Announcements and Updates. Created a forum memberlist which can be found here. For the Forum admin+ I have installed group changing in ModCP so they don't need to go to the AdminCP. Added a Preview button to preview your post. If it's your birthday, you will see a birthday cake on all your posts. Created Group Icons for every group. Added php script to show the Players online on the forum and homepage. Upgraded the forum to, read the spoiler for the changes. For security reasons I have enabled Two Factor Authentication (2FA), it isn't required. If you want to enable 2FA you need to go to your Account Settings, Account Security, enter your password, enable Google Authenticator and/or Security Questions. For every group who has access to the AdminCP, they must have enabled 2FA. The reason behind the extra security is in the AdminCP are details to personal information, which we will try to protect it with 2FA. What you can expect in a few weeks on the website: The Vote page. The Donator store. The Hiscores. Member rank icons based on post count. Gio
  5. *Prerequisites* Before you apply for the role of Server Support, please ensure you meet the below criteria: 1. Total playtime ingame of at least 1 day 2. Have voted at least once 3. Not been badly punished (i.e, perm mute or any form of ban) within the last 60 days. Your application must contain the following in the subject - "<username>'s <rank> Application". For example "Scar's Youtuber Application" Please ensure you also follow the below formatting to even be considered. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Have you read and understood the criteria required for this rank?: 2. Please state your username: 3. Please state your total ingame playtime and provide clear proof of this below: 4. Tell us a little about yourself: 5. Why do you feel you deserve the chance to be on the staff team?: ------Test Questions------ 6. If you saw 2 people arguing in the clan chat and causing disruption, what 3 steps would you take to difuse the situation?: 7. If someone came to you and said they had found an exploit which lets people knowingly abuse the game for financial gain,what 3 steps would you take? 8. If you saw someone being offensive ingame (extreme racism, sexism, homophobia), what 3 steps would you take?: 9. If a member of another server offered you perks on their server in exchange for defamation against Dominus, what would you do? 10. If people tried advertising on our server, what 3 steps would you take to difuse the situation?: ---------Final Question---------- 11. Do you have any additional comments to aid your application?
  6. Before applying, please make sure you agree and meet the criteria found here Your application must contain the following in the subject - "<username>'s <rank> Application" For example "Scar's Youtuber Application" Please ensure you also follow the below formatting to even be considered. 1. Have you read and understood the criteria required for this rank?: 2. Please state your username: 3. Please state your Youtube Channel's name: 4. Please provide a picture showing us your "My Videos" section logged in as your account on Youtube to prove you're the owner. It'll often be in the top right, then go to Creator's Studio to see your "My Videos" section.: 5. Please provide a link to one of your most popular videos: 6. Do you have a mic?: 7. How many subscribers do you currently have?: 8. Please provide stats showing your average viewcount and sub count: 9. Will you upload videos when asked to by an admin?: 10. Why do you think you deserve to be a youtuber here?: 11. If successful and meeting the criteria, would you prefer free mystery boxes or cash?: 12. Do you agree to never slander Dominus in your videos and speak to either myself or another owner if you have any problems?: 13. Do you agree to upload actively for us?: 14. Do you understand that you will not recieve incentives until you have proven to us you're worth the investment? 15. Any additional comments we should be aware of? Please make sure you follow this format. Any applications not following this format will be automatically declined.
  7. Scar

    Scar Introduction

    Definite OG 😉
  8. The People's Champ basically? I see you shining o.o
  9. In order to be elligible for the official Youtuber rank ingame, on the forums and on Discord, you must meet the following criteria: 1. At least 100 active subscribers minimum. We'll know if you botted your subs. 2. Proof of good quality content, showing clear video, clear demonstrations and clear voice audio is preferred. Music is allowed, but discuss with either myself @Sam or @Ghost first. 3. Proof of not deleting videos once uploaded for free rewards. 4. Be able to upload for our server either by your own initiative often or when requested by an Admin + 5. If you're doing a box opening video, prove to owners that you have indeed emptied your inventory once you've finished. 6. You will not slander the Dominus name in your videos. Doing this will surrender any rights to this rank and risks a ban. If you have a problem, discuss with an owner. 7. You can keep 100% of the ad revenue claimed from the videos. You will never be asked to give up ad revenue from your channel to any staff members. It's your channel and you deserve every penny. If you are asked for ad revenue by any staff member, please notify an Owner immediatley. 8. People who have over 500 subscribers will also be elligible for cash payment per video basis. HOWEVER. You will either recieve a generous cash payment depending on subscribers and average view count or the boxes below. You will not recieve both. As a reward for your content, you'll be rewarded with the following depending on your sub count: 100 - 500 subcribers = 1 regular mystery box per week + 1 bonus per video 501 - 1000 subscribers - 3 regular mystery boxes per week + 2 bonus per video 1001 - 2500 subscribers = 3 super mystery boxes per week + 1 bonus per video 2501 - 5000 subscribers = 1 legendary mystery box per week + 2 bonus per video 5001 - 9999 subscribers = 3 legendary mystery boxes per week + 1 bonus per video 10,000 + subscribers - 3 of each mystery box per week + 1 bonus per video As well as the amazing perks above, the Youtuber rank also includes *FREE* Uber Donator rights, including lower GWD killcount requirements, exclusive training zones, access to ::bank and much more!
  10. Welcome brother ! xd
  11. The Official Wagamama sponsor. Welcome San 😄
  12. Hello I am Uber W84 gielinor top rated Uber/Uber eats service I spend most of my time bank standing and watching anime or playing games. I'm co-owner of a clan called Uberchillin all we do is bank stand, fish and meme mostly at my expense. My main hobbies are gaming, anime and building PC's and creating home brew alcohol.
  13. Hello everyone A lot of you will know me already, but I'm Scar. I'm a 24 year old SysAdmin from England. I've been playing, staffing and owning RSPS' since around 2007. I'm a geek overall, especially with computers, movies, technology, video games (retro and new) and even Chess. If you fancy a game, lemme know 😄 But anyway, i'm the Owner / Global Manager here on Dominus. My job here is to make sure the Staff are looked after and an escalation point for major crisis. I also help Gio administrate the Forums (mostly frontend, but backend occasionally too). I look after the community too, don't get me wrong, but they usually go to mods and admins first and then myself if it's something super serious! As the Global Manager, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm very active on both Discord, ingame and the forums 🙂 I look forward to seeing you all ingame!
  14. Hello everyone, My name is Gio, many of you veteran players knows me. I am 22 years old, live in the Netherlands. As you can see I'm the Website developer/admin. So if you have any questions about the website/game you can always sent me a private message. My hobbies are gaming, website coding, chatting with nice players. If you have any questions you want to know about me, hit me up
  15. Gio

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules 1. Gravedigging Posting on any threads that are over 30 days old is considered to be spamming and will result in an 1 warning points. 2. Spamming Excessive spamming on the forums will result in 5 waringin points on your forum account and if you continue a possibly a forum ban. 3. Falsified Reports Faking any sort of evidence in order to get a player banned or to get you unbanned will result 20 warning points. 4. Inappropriate Content Any inappropriate content that you post on the forums will be removed immediately and could result in a 50 warning points. 5. NSFW Content All NSFW content isn't allowed on the forum. All NSFW content will be deleted, and results in a 1 warning point. 6. Large Signatures Excessively large signatures that are an annoyance to players will be removed by the staff team. There is no punishment for this unless it is intentional and the signature is inappropriate. 7. Outside Links Be cautious when posting outside links. Any link that directs to another RSPS or anything of that nature will result in a 5 warning points. 8. Reputation Farming Asking players or paying players to like your posts is against the rules. This also includes asking for likes to enter giveaways. Failing to follow this rule will result in forum restrictions and your post being deleted 9. Abusive Behaviour Any Abusive Behaviour is not respected on the forum. Any abusive behaviour will result in a 5 warning points. Warning points Warning points is an automatic point system with consequences. All warning points will be removed after 31 days, except for the permanent forum ban. The forum moderators can increase any warning points. The actions for x amount warning points: 5 warning points - 12 hours moderate content 25 warning points - 12 hours restricted posting 50 warning points - 31 forum ban 75 warning points - permanent restricted posting 100 warning points - permanent forum ban
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